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Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Ouguiya Currency

The 50 Rufiyaa banknote (P-28; B-131) has a striking silver-grey color and measures 130 x 66 mm, making it a compact and visually appealing denomination.

On the front side, the registration device serves as a security feature, ensuring the authenticity of the banknote. The denomination is also printed using a special SPARK feature, adding an additional layer of security against counterfeiting. Prominent architectural landmarks are depicted, including the Banque Centrale de Mauritanie building and the beautiful Ibn Abass mosque in Nouakchott, showcasing the country’s cultural and financial heritage.

Flipping the banknote to the back, you’ll discover a design that represents various aspects of Mauritanian life. A tea pot symbolizes the rich tea-drinking tradition, while musical instruments reflect the country’s vibrant music culture. Wind turbines and solar panels emphasize Mauritania’s commitment to renewable energy sources, showcasing its progress in sustainable development. The inclusion of another registration device reinforces the banknote’s security features.

One of the notable security elements is the windowed security thread, which is embedded within the banknote. This thread contains special characteristics that are visible when held up to light, further enhancing its authenticity. A watermark featuring a bearded man and an electrotype representation of the number 50 is another security feature incorporated into the banknote. This adds an extra layer of protection against counterfeiting attempts.

The banknote’s unique construction includes a combination of materials. It consists of a polymer center, which provides durability and resistance to wear, surrounded by paper. This combination offers the benefits of both materials, contributing to the banknote’s overall quality and longevity. Alternatively, there may be a variation with paper at the center and a textured sisal outer layer, providing additional tactile features.

Lastly, the banknote is dated 18.06.2023, indicating the date of its release into circulation, with an introductory date of 15.06.2023. This ensures that the banknote’s age and validity can be easily determined.

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