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Celebrating the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence

Presenting the 20 Pesos polymer banknote P-121; B-726, equivalent to US$0.90 or €0.77. This vibrant note measures 120 x 65 mm and boasts hues of pink and green, exuding a lively spirit. Crafted from the resilient GUARDIAN™ polymer, it symbolizes modernity and durability.

On the front, a captivating tableau unfolds – the flags of the “Army of the Three Guarantees” and Mexico flutter in harmony, embodying unity and patriotism. The serene and historic entry of the “Army of the Three Guarantees” into Mexico City on September 27, 1821, is captured, a moment of profound significance in the nation’s history.

Flipping the note reveals the enchanting beauty of the mangroves ecosystem, where the Mexican crocodile thrives in the Biosphere of Sian Ka’an, Quintana Róo. A tribute to this historic entry graces the bottom left, a reminder of Mexico’s rich heritage.

Security features abound – touch-sensitive reliefs engage the senses, linear backgrounds add depth, and a multicolor denomination enhances authenticity. A color change element adds intrigue, fluorescence offers a security layer, and a transparent window creates a dynamic visual effect.

Printed by Banco de México (BdM), this note carries the legacy of the nation’s central bank. Although watermarks are absent, the craftsmanship and security embedded within this polymer masterpiece testify to its quality.

Imprinted with the date 06.01.2021, marked with series AA, and introduced on 24th September 2021, the 20 Pesos polymer banknote encapsulates Mexico’s history and natural beauty. It stands as a reminder of the nation’s past, present, and future, where culture, nature, and security converge.

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