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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Mongolian Revolution

The 10,000 Togrog banknote P-72; B-448, valued at US$3.49 or €3.00, is a striking embodiment of value and historical significance. With dimensions of 152 x 72 mm and adorned in a rich brown hue, it stands as both a testament to financial worth and a homage to Mongolia’s heritage.

The front of the banknote is graced by the towering presence of Chinggis Khaan, a historical figure synonymous with Mongolia’s identity. The color-changing anniversary logo, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the revolution, adds an element of enchantment. The depiction of a warrior on horseback and the UV security elements further enhance the note’s security. The tactile feature for visually impaired individuals speaks of inclusivity and accessibility.

Flipping the note, the back presents the gallant General D. Sukhbaatar, a key figure in Mongolia’s revolutionary army. His words, inscribed in traditional Mongolian script, echo through time. The “Drinking Fountain” at Chinggis Khan’s court adds a touch of historical resonance.

Dated as 2021 and introduced on September 7, 2021, this banknote marks a significant moment in Mongolia’s history.

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