Paper Money Book


The 50 Pound banknote bears the serial number P-346; B-942 is equivalent to US$63.72 or €54.79. This particular note features a striking red hue and measures 157 x 85 mm in dimensions. Crafted on Safeguard™ substrate, it boasts a captivating array of elements on both its front and back.

On the front side of the note, one can admire depictions of a pine marten amidst gorse bushes alongside the elegant presence of a cryptic wood butterfly. Meanwhile, the reverse side showcases riveting shipyard workers, a dedicated textile worker at the loom, and a diligent laboratory technician. Notably, the design incorporates a film strip portraying Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s groundbreaking discovery of pulsars in 1967, dynamically transforming into DNS.

In terms of security features, this banknote notably lacks a security thread, adding a distinct characteristic to its design. The note is printed by De La Rue, a renowned printing company based in London, England, identified by the initials DLR. Unlike some other currencies, this note does not incorporate a watermark but does feature a clear window, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and security measures.

As for its issuance details, the note bears the date of 1st March 2021 and is signed with the identifier “Sign 3,” adding to its authenticity and historical context. Overall, this 50 Pound banknote stands as a testament to both artistic excellence and the celebration of scientific achievement, encapsulating a rich tapestry of imagery and significance within its design.

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