Paper Money Book

Introducing the 1 Rial banknote P-51; B-240, with a value of US$2.60 or €2.23. In a vibrant red hue and measuring 146 x 76 mm, this note carries a sense of significance and cultural richness.

The front of the note proudly displays the Oman Across Ages Museum in Nizwa, a beacon of history and culture. The depiction of Omani arms speaks to the nation’s strength and tradition.

Turning the note reveals Oman’s historical treasures – the Khasab Castle in Musandam and the Wadi Ain cemetery in Ibri, are both woven into the nation’s past. The Omani khanjar (dagger) and hatchet are iconic symbols of Oman’s heritage.

The watermark is a testament to authenticity – the Omani arms and an electrotype ١ (1 in Arabic numerals) add to the note’s legitimacy.

Dated ٢٠٢٠ (2020) and introduced on 11th January 2020, this 1 Rial banknote encapsulates Oman’s historical and cultural legacy. It stands as a testament to heritage, strength, and tradition, making it more than just currency – it is a bearer of Oman’s identity and value.

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