Paper Money Book

Presenting the 100 Baisa banknote P-49; B-238, a fusion of value and natural beauty, equivalent to US$0.26 or €0.22. This note, in an earthy brown hue, measures 121 x 64 mm, evoking a sense of significance and connection to the environment.

The front of the note paints a picturesque scene – the lush green terraces of Jabal al-Akhdar stand as a tribute to nature’s splendor. The Omani arms are a symbol of the nation’s strength and unity.

Turning the note unveils Oman’s natural riches – the graceful coconut trees and the Falaj system, a testament to the nation’s agricultural heritage, grace the scene.

The watermark validates authenticity – the Omani arms and an electrotype ١٠٠ (100 in Arabic numerals) affirm the note’s legitimacy.

Dated ٢٠٢٠ (2020) and introduced on 11th January 2020, this 100 Baisa banknote encapsulates Oman’s natural beauty and agricultural heritage. It stands as a tribute to nature, culture, and value, making it more than just currency – it is a bearer of Oman’s identity and natural treasures.

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