Paper Money Book

Introducing the 5 Rials banknote P-52; B-241, a blend of value and culture, equating to US$12.99 or €11.17. This note, graced in a regal purple shade, measures 153 x 76 mm, commanding attention with its presence.

The front of the note showcases the prestigious Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, a symbol of education and progress. The image of Sultan Haitham ibn Tariq ibn Taymur as-Sa’id, a representation of leadership and continuity, adds a touch of national significance.

Turning the note reveals Oman’s cultural gem – the Royal Opera House in Muscat, an embodiment of artistic excellence and cultural enrichment.

The watermark, a seal of authenticity, features the Sultan’s image and an electrotype ٥ (5 in Arabic numerals).

Dated ٢٠٢٠ (2020) and introduced on 11th January 2020, this 5 Rials banknote encapsulates Oman’s educational, cultural, and artistic aspirations. It stands as a testament to education, leadership, and cultural excellence, all woven into a single note of value and significance.

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