Paper Money Book


The 50 Kina banknote, P-57; B-161 equivalent to US$14.26 and €12.26. This distinct banknote is characterized by its striking orange color and has dimensions measuring 145 x 75 mm. Crafted from Guardian® polymer, it incorporates advanced security features to ensure both durability and protection against counterfeiting.

The front side of the banknote showcases the iconic Parliament building in Port Moresby, providing a symbolic representation of the political center of Papua New Guinea. This imagery not only serves as a tribute to the nation’s governance but also adds a cultural and historical dimension to the banknote.

On the reverse side, the 50 Kina note features a portrait of Prime Minister Michael Somare, a significant political figure in the history of Papua New Guinea. This choice of imagery pays homage to his contributions and leadership, making it a notable inclusion on the banknote.

In terms of security features, the 50 Kina banknote does not incorporate a security thread. However, the printing of this currency is entrusted to Printing Australia, based in Melbourne, which operates under the umbrella of the National Australia Bank (NPA). This association with a reputable printing institution adds an additional layer of credibility to the banknote.

The banknote incorporates a watermark, featuring a shadow image and the bank logo. These elements contribute to the overall security of the currency, providing visual cues for authentication.

The date of issuance is marked as (20)23, and the banknote carries the prefix AN. The signatures of Genia and Oaeke, likely representing key officials or authorities, authenticate the banknote and signify its official status.

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