Peru 10-sol introduced on 22.07.2021

The 10 soles banknote P-196; B-537, valued at US$2.79 or €2.40, is a vibrant representation of culture and value. Measuring 140 x 65 mm and adorned in a lively green hue, it is a testament to both monetary significance and historical heritage.

The front of the banknote features the esteemed figure of María Isabel Granda y Larco, a singer and composer, her presence a nod to artistic brilliance. Turning the note, the back presents the majestic Vicuña alongside the delicate Flor de Amancaes, a duo that reflects the nation’s rich flora and fauna.

Security is paramount, reflected in the intersaliente security thread. This dynamic feature changes color from violet to bronze, a testament to cutting-edge technology. Text that reads “10 BCRP draft” further enhances the note’s security, combining aesthetics with protective measures.

The watermark, a subtle yet intricate feature, adds an extra layer of authenticity. It portrays the main character against a backdrop of a light triangle with dark spots, along with the denomination in numerical form.

Dated on March 21, 2019, this banknote’s origin marks a moment in time. Its introduction on July 22, 2021, introduced it to the world, making it a part of everyday transactions.

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