Paper Money Book

The 100 soles banknote P-199; B-540, holding a value of US$27.87 or €23.96, is a striking embodiment of value and cultural homage. With dimensions of 140 x 65 mm and adorned in a dignified blue hue, it stands as both a testament to financial significance and historical recognition.

The front of the banknote is graced by the presence of Pedro Paulet, a visionary inventor who donned many roles, from architect to economist, geographer to diplomat. His image pays tribute to his remarkable contributions to diverse fields. Flipping the note, the back showcases the Hummingbird Cola de Espátula alongside the delicate orchid, a symphony of nature’s beauty.

Security features are meticulously integrated, with the intersaliente security thread serving as a sentinel against counterfeiting. Changing from violet to bronze, this dynamic thread bears the text “10 BCRP draft,” offering both aesthetic allure and protective might.

The watermark, a subtle yet intricate element, reinforces the note’s authenticity. It captures the main character against a backdrop of a light triangle adorned with dark spots, along with the denomination represented in numeric form.

Dated on March 21, 2019, this banknote’s creation marks a significant point in time. Its introduction on July 22, 2021, marks its integration into the currency landscape.

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