Paper Money Book

The 200 Soles banknote P-200; B-541 which is approximately equivalent to US$55.75; €47.93, boasts a distinctive design and security features, the note is visually striking with its purple color and compact dimensions of 140 x 65 mm.

The front of the banknote features a portrait of the renowned Peruvian artist, Tilsa Tsuchiya Castillo. The addition of SPARK Live technology on the front adds a dynamic element to the design, providing both aesthetic appeal and enhanced security.

On the reverse side, the banknote showcases images of Flor Bella Abanquina (Dalechampia aristolochiifolia) and the iconic Gallito de las Rocas (Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Rupicola peruvianus). These natural elements, along with the national arms, contribute to a representation of Peru’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Security features are robust, including a security thread known as INTERPROVING SAFETY THREAD. This thread incorporates moving figures and prominently displays the denomination 200, reinforcing the banknote’s resistance to counterfeiting. Additionally, a watermark featuring Tilsa Tsuchiya Castillo and an electrotype 200 further enhances its security measures.

Produced by De La Rue International Limited, a reputable printing company with expertise in security printing, the banknote’s quality and authenticity are assured. The note was officially issued on December 16, 2021, and introduced into circulation on December 15, 2023, allowing ample time for the public to familiarize themselves with its unique design and features.

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