Paper Money Book

The 1000 Pesos P-234; B-1100 note is a stunning piece of currency with its vibrant blue color and dimensions measuring 160 x 66 mm. It is made of high-quality polymer known as GUARDIAN™, ensuring durability and longevity.

On the front of the note, one can see the majestic Philippine eagle (Pithecophega jefferyi), a rare and endangered species endemic to the Philippines. Its depiction on the note highlights the importance of conservation efforts for this critically endangered bird.

On the back of the note, the beautiful Tubbataha reefs in the Sulu Sea and a pearl oyster (Pinctada maxima) are featured. These natural wonders are significant to the Philippines and its economy.

The 1000 Pesos note comes with a shadow thread featuring repeated text 1000 BSP, providing an added layer of security against counterfeiters. The printer of the note is unknown.

There is no watermark on the note, and it bears the date 2022, with a prefix of AA and an introduction date of April/2022. The note was printed in a quantity of 500,000,000 and bears the signatures of Duterte and Diokno.

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