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“550th Anniversary of birth of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-2023)” Commemorative issue

The new banknote of Poland features a beautiful combination of green, blue, red, and brown colors. The front of the banknote includes a coat of arms with a crowned eagle, a stylized quadrant and a fragment of the heliocentric system, and a portrait of Nicolaus Copernicus. The Polish text on the front of the note adds to its cultural significance.

The back of the note also features Polish text and showcases the obverse and reverse of the Gdańsk szóstak (six grosz), the obverse of the Elbląg szóstak (six grosz), and the obverse of the Prussian (Toruń) schilling. The fragment of the heliocentric system and the Castle of Warmian Cathedral Chapter in Olsztyn add to the note’s historical significance.

This banknote does not have a security thread and does not include a watermark. It is printed by PWPW S.A., measures 150 x 77 mm, and is made of polymer. The note has a date of 7 KWIETNIA 2022, and it is signed by Glapinski/Jaroszek with a prefix MK. There are 100,000 notes in circulation, with an introduction date of 09.02.2023.

Overall, the new Polish banknote is a beautiful and historically significant addition to the country’s currency collection. It pays tribute to the rich culture and heritage of Poland, making it a valuable collectible for anyone interested in currency and history.

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