Paper Money Book

The 50 Pounds banknote P-373, with a value of US$63.72 or €54.79, embodies both financial value and a tribute to history. Adorned in a rich red hue and measuring 155 x 85 mm, this note is a tangible representation of worth and an homage to a notable figure.

The front of the banknote presents the image of Miss Flora Clift Stevenson, a figure of significance. Turning the note, the back features a depiction of birds catching fish, capturing a natural moment of life’s intricacies.

Security measures are thoughtfully considered, with a focus on the SAFEGUARD® polymer substrate, known for its durability. Crafted by De La Rue in London, this note reflects precision in security printing. While a security thread is absent, the design incorporates modern features to deter counterfeiting.

The date “27th May 2020” marks its creation, while its introduction on August 18, 2021, signifies its integration into the currency landscape. The signature of Alison Rose further adds a personal touch to the note.

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