Paper Money Book

The 5 Dobras banknote, valued at approximately US$0.24 or €0.20, is designated as P-76 and B-314. Distinguished by a regal purple hue, this banknote measures 130 x 67 mm and features intricate design elements on both its obverse and reverse sides.

The obverse side of the banknote presents an elegant composition of Portuguese text, harmoniously intertwined with the image of the Acraea insularis butterfly. This exquisite insect exemplifies the nation’s diverse natural beauty. Adjacent to the butterfly, the coat of arms takes its place, a symbol of Sao Tome and Principe’s heritage and unity. Another striking feature is the portrayal of the Banco Central headquarters building located in Sao Tome, reflecting the nation’s economic prowess.

On the reverse side, Portuguese text is accompanied by the artistic representation of a stylized cocoa pod, a tribute to one of the country’s vital agricultural products. The imagery is further enriched by the inclusion of vibrant butterflies, symbolizing the country’s vibrant ecosystem. A map of Sao Tome and Principe adds a geographical context to the banknote, while the Musaranho-fingui (Crocidura thomensis), known as the São Tomé shrew, offers a glimpse into the region’s unique fauna.

To ensure its security, the banknote is equipped with the GEMINI™ security thread, a testament to the nation’s commitment to thwart counterfeiting attempts.

The esteemed De La Rue, located in London, England (DLR), is responsible for the banknote’s printing, upholding their legacy of precision and quality.

Within the banknote’s design, the watermark displays the likeness of Rei Amador alongside an electrotype butterfly, enhancing its authenticity and artistic value.

Significantly, this banknote was introduced on December 23, 2020, marking a notable date in the nation’s financial history. The 5 Dobras banknote, with its meticulous craftsmanship, rich symbolism, and dedication to security, serves as a representation of Sao Tome and Principe’s cultural, natural, and economic significance.

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