Samoa new 10 tala polymer banknote


The 10 Tala banknote P-48; B-124, with a monetary value equivalent to US$3.79 and €3.26. This particular banknote is characterized by its distinctive blue color and possesses dimensions measuring 139 x 71 mm. Notably, it is crafted from polymer material, incorporating Safeguard features for enhanced durability and security.

The front side of the 10 Tala banknote showcases the pride of Samoa in rugby, depicting the champions of the Rugby Sevens tournament in 2007. This design pays homage to the nation’s athletic achievements and highlights the significance of rugby in Samoan culture. On the reverse side, the banknote features a representation of Samoan school children on their way to school, offering a glimpse into the everyday life and educational pursuits of the local population.

In terms of security features, the 10 Tala banknote does not incorporate a security thread. The printing of this currency is entrusted to De La Rue, a well-known and reputable printing company in the realm of banknote production.

Unlike some banknotes that include watermarks, the 10 Tala denomination does not incorporate such a feature. The absence of a watermark does not compromise the overall security of the banknote, as it employs other advanced security measures.

The banknote is undated (ND) and bears the prefix BB. It was introduced into circulation on January 23, 2024. Notably, the signatures of Va’ai and Ainuu-Enari adorn the banknote, adding a personal touch to its authenticity. Va’ai and Ainuu-Enari likely represent individuals of significance in Samoa, perhaps officials or dignitaries associated with the issuance of currency.

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