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The 20 Tala banknote P-49;  B-125 valued at US$7.58 and €6.52. This banknote is easily distinguishable by its vibrant yellow color and has dimensions measuring 139 x 71 mm. Crafted from polymer material and incorporating Safeguard features, the 20 Tala bill ensures both durability and enhanced security.

The front side of the banknote captures the majestic beauty of a cascading waterfall, providing a visual representation of Samoa’s natural wonders. This imagery serves not only as an aesthetic element but also as a tribute to the country’s scenic landscapes.

On the reverse side, the 20 Tala note features the Manumea, which is the national bird of Samoa, and the Teuila, the national flower. Additionally, the coat of arms is prominently displayed, symbolizing the sovereignty and heritage of Samoa. This combination of elements reflects the rich biodiversity and cultural significance embedded in the nation’s symbols.

Unlike some banknotes that integrate security threads, the 20 Tala denomination does not include this feature. The printing of this currency is entrusted to the reputable printing company De La Rue, known for its expertise in producing high-quality banknotes.

Similar to the 10 Tala banknote, the 20 Tala bill does not incorporate a watermark. Despite the absence of this traditional security feature, the banknote employs other advanced security measures to ensure its integrity.

The banknote is undated (ND) and carries the prefix CC. It was introduced into circulation on January 23, 2024. The signatures of Va’ai and Ainuu-Enari, likely representing prominent figures in Samoa, further authenticate the banknote and contribute to its cultural and historical significance.

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