Paper Money Book

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Vision 2030

Introducing the 200 Riyals banknote P-45; B-201, a reflection of value and progress, with a worth of US$53.32 or €45.84. This note boasts a dignified gray hue and measures 163 x 73 mm, commanding attention with its presence.

The front of the note features the emblem of The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in a captivating 3D design, embodying the nation’s aspirations. King Abdul Aziz Al Saud graces the scene, a symbol of leadership and unity.

Flipping the note reveals the majestic ‘Qasr Al Hukm’ in Riyadh City, an architectural gem that stands as a testament to the nation’s heritage. The security thread, windowed for authenticity, underscores the note’s integrity.

Though the specifics of the watermark remain undisclosed, trust in this note’s authenticity is inherent. Dated 2021 and introduced on 25th April, this banknote is a tribute to Saudi Arabia’s progress and vision. It captures the essence of a nation’s future as it strives to achieve its goals and aspirations.

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