Paper Money Book


The new 5 Riyal banknote P-48; B-202, equivalent to US$1.33 or €1.15, is distinguished by its vibrant purple and green color scheme and measures 145 x 66 mm. Crafted from Guardian™ polymer, this note combines durability with advanced security features.

On the front side, the banknote features a depiction of a refinery, paying homage to Saudi Arabia’s significant role in the oil industry, alongside an image of King Salman ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud, reflecting the nation’s leadership. On the reverse side, the note showcases delicate flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to its design.

Security features of the banknote include both a simulated windowed security thread and a solid security thread, ensuring authenticity and deterring counterfeit attempts. These features provide reliable verification methods for users and authorities alike.

Printed by De La Rue, a renowned printing company based in London, England, this banknote reflects the company’s commitment to producing high-quality currency with state-of-the-art security features. Although lacking a traditional watermark, the note’s polymer material and intricate security threads contribute to its integrity.

The issuance date of this 5 Riyal note is recorded as AH1445 (2023), with the prefix “A,” indicating its origin. It was introduced into circulation in 2024, signifying its recent integration into the monetary system. Signed by Alsayari and Mohammed Al-Jadaan, the banknote represents both financial value and national pride, encapsulating Saudi Arabia’s economic significance and cultural heritage.

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