Paper Money Book

The 100 Pounds banknote P-135, valued at US$127.45 or €109.57, is a tribute to both value and history. With dimensions of 153 x 81 mm and adorned in a vibrant green hue, this note embodies financial worth and pays homage to a significant figure.

The front of the banknote features a holographic foil stripe that showcases the image of ‘Dr. Flora Murray’ beneath the pediment of the Mound, alongside an adjoining thistle. A portrayal of Sir Walter Scott and the iconic Bank of Scotland building in Edinburgh add a touch of grandeur. The Spark® denomination numeral “100” contributes to the note’s visual appeal. Flipping the note, the back presents a poignant depiction of Dr. Flora Murray, commemorating her legacy. Female stretcher bearers and a soldier outside Covent Garden hospital evoke the spirit of sacrifice and care.

Security measures are strategically implemented, including a simulated security thread bearing the demetalized phrase “ONE HUNDRED.” Crafted by De La Rue in London, this note exemplifies precision in security printing. Although a watermark is absent, the design incorporates advanced features to prevent counterfeiting.

Dated on the “16th August 2021” and introduced on May 9, 2022, this banknote marks a significant milestone. It honors the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Medical Pioneer and suffragette Flora Murray (1923-2023), a testament to her contributions to society.

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