Paper Money Book

The 1000 Sudanese Pounds banknote (P-17; B-116) has a value of US$7.68 or €6.60 and features a red color with dimensions of 150 x 75 mm. The front side of the banknote depicts Dr. John Garang de Mabior, while the back side showcases ostriches.

The banknote has several security features, including a color-changing holographic security strip and a windowed security thread. The printer of the banknote is De La Rue from London, England (DLR). The watermark of the banknote includes John Garang, electrotype 1000, and Cornerstones.

The banknote was introduced in 2020 with a BA prefix, and it was first released on 9th February 2021. The banknote is signed by Jamal Wani Abdalla and Salvatore Garang.

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