Sudan 1000 pounds banknote

The 1000 pound (US$18.08; €15.55) banknote, P-81a; B-417a comes in a vibrant blue color and measures 160 x 74 mm.

On the front side of the note, you will see a beautiful sorghum plant, grain silos, and a flower optical variable device. On the back side of the note, there is a waterfall, a sorghum plant, and farmers plowing a field with cattle.

To ensure its security, the banknote has a RAPID windowed security thread adorned with Islamic ornaments. The note was printed by the Sudan Currency Printing Press (SCPP). The watermark features a secretary bird and electrotype CBOS / LS 1000.

The banknote was issued in June 2019 and was introduced for circulation on the 7th of June, 2022. The signature of Jangool can be found on the note.

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