Suriname new 200 dollars banknote


The new Suriname 200 Dollar banknote P-166A; B-550, equivalent to US$14.13 or €12.15, features several notable characteristics. It boasts a vibrant green color and measures 140 x 70 mm in size. Crafted on a hybrid substrate known as ADDvance, this note showcases meticulous attention to detail.

On the front side, the prominent image is that of the Central Bank building located in Paramaribo. This architectural icon represents the financial backbone of the nation. Meanwhile, the reverse side captures the essence of Suriname’s natural beauty, portraying the Sandbox tree (Hura crepitans) alongside a fishing trawler, embodying elements of both land and sea.

Security features of the banknote include a striking green-to-gold RollingStar LEAD stripe adorned with sandbox tree seeds, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while deterring counterfeit attempts. Additionally, a green-to-gold RollingStar i+ Cube windowed security thread with a demetalized “200” further fortifies its security measures.

Manufactured by Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a renowned printing company based in Germany, the meticulous craftsmanship of this banknote reflects their commitment to quality and precision. A watermark depicting the bank’s headquarters and an electrotype CBvS add layers of authentication, ensuring its integrity.

The issuance date of this 200 Dollar note is recorded as January 1, 2024, bearing the prefix “AG.” It was introduced into circulation on March 23, 2024, signifying its recent integration into the monetary system. This banknote symbolizes both financial stability and cultural richness, encapsulating the essence of Suriname’s economic landscape.

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