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The 5,000 Syrian Pound (US$9.76; €8.39) banknote, P-118 and B-634, is a legal tender issued by the Central Bank of Syria. This particular note has been designed with advanced security features to deter counterfeiting attempts.

The banknote is primarily brown in color and has dimensions of 165 x 65 mm. The front of the banknote depicts an image of a soldier and the Syrian flag. The image is designed in high resolution and features a combination of intricate line work and microprinting, which makes it challenging to replicate. The back of the banknote features an image of an eagle and Yarhibol (Sun God) of the Baalshamin temple in Palmyra.

One of the key security features on this banknote is the windowed security thread. The thread contains kinetic text effects and demetalized 5000, which can be viewed under UV light. This feature makes it challenging to counterfeit and also helps to authenticate the banknote. Additionally, the banknote features an electrotype 5000 and eagle coat of arms watermark, which is visible when held up to light.

The banknote was printed in 2019 and bears the prefix A/09, with an introduction date of 24.01.2021. The note features the signatures of Hamdan and Karfoul, which are located at the upper center of the banknote.

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