Paper Money Book

Introducing the 100 Somoni banknote P-28; B-219.5, an amalgamation of value and cultural heritage, valued at US$9.68 or €8.33. This note, adorned with a harmonious blend of brown and blue hues, measures 156 x 56 mm, exuding both significance and artistic elegance.

The front of the note showcases the esteemed figure of Ismoili Somoni, a symbol of national pride and identity.

Flipping the note, you encounter a synthesis of languages – English and Tajik texts coexist, a representation of the nation’s cultural diversity. The bank logo adds a touch of official recognition, while the Kohi Navruz (КОХИ НАВУЗ) stands as an iconic reference. The flag unfurls, symbolizing unity and belonging.

The security features are a testament to modernity and protection – the RollingStar® windowed security thread dazzles with an optical kinetic effect, transforming colors from gold to green. The LEAD® hologram bears a portrait, the figure representing the face value of the banknote, and the coat of arms of the Republic of Tajikistan. The “LEAD” strip with graphic images adds a touch of sophistication.

The note is crafted by Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) in Germany, a hallmark of quality and precision.

Watermarks attest to authenticity – the watermark of Ismoili Somoni adds an element of legitimacy.

Dated 2021 and bearing the prefix FL, this banknote symbolizes Tajikistan’s historical legacy and aspirations. It bridges the gap between value and culture, making it more than just currency – it is a vessel of national pride, tradition, and value.

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