Tunisia 5 and 50-dinar banknotes

The 5 Dinars banknote P-95; B-537, valued at US$1.80 or €1.55, holds an exquisite charm. Measuring 143 x 73 mm, its lush green hue captures attention. On its front, a circular gradient from green to blue encapsulates the denomination, exhibiting a mesmerizing SPARK Live effect. Embodied within this note is the essence of Slaheddine el-Amami, a significant figure.

Flipping the note reveals the captivating Roman aqueducts of Zaghouan, a historic marvel. An aura of security is woven through a 4.0-mm wide Rapid HD windowed security thread adorned with a demetalized numeral 5, thwarting counterfeit endeavors. The mysterious printer’s identity lends an air of intrigue.

Behold the watermark, a fusion of Slaheddine el-Amami’s visage and the intricate electrotype 5. This combination reflects a careful crafting of art and security. Anchoring this masterpiece is the date of its inception, 20th March 2022, surrounded by the enigmatic aura of the prefix C/1 and the heralding of its introduction on 28th April 2022.

Two signatures, those of Nadia Gamba and Marouane Abassi, grace the note, sealing its authenticity. This 5 Dinars note harmonizes art, history, and security, echoing the rich tapestry of a nation’s heritage.

This 50 Dinars banknote P-100; B-540, valued at US$17.98 or €15.46. Its dimensions, a regal 158 x 79 mm, command attention. The color palette of deep brown exudes a sense of gravitas, setting the stage for a journey through history.

The front of this note features the denomination elegantly presented in purple, enhanced by the mesmerizing SPARK Live effect. But there’s more to this note than its numerical value – it bears the spirit of Hedi Nouira, an influential presence.

Flipping the note reveals the Banque Centrale de Tunisie building in Tunis, an architectural marvel that symbolizes economic stability. Security takes center stage through a 5.0-mm wide Rapid HD windowed security thread, its demetalized 50 acting as a sentinel against any attempts at replication. The identity of the printer remains shrouded, adding a layer of mystique to this masterpiece.

The watermark is a symphony of art and security, uniting the visage of Hedi Nouira with the intricate electrotype 50. This fusion is a testament to the care invested in its creation. The note’s birthdate, 20th March 2022, is etched with pride, accompanied by the enigmatic prefix G/1 and the heralding of its introduction on 28th April 2022.

Nadia Gamba and Marouane Abassi, through their signatures, vouch for the authenticity of this note, encapsulating a piece of history within its fibers. The 50 Dinars banknote embodies the essence of heritage, artistry, and security, standing as a testament to a nation’s legacy.

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