Paper Money Book

Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Birth of Skovoroda

This banknote (P-133; B-864) stands as a tribute to Ukraine’s cultural and intellectual heritage, ingeniously woven into the fabric of currency design. Bearing a denomination of 500 hryven (equivalent to US$17.68 or €15.20). Its color palette features an elegant blend of beige, brown, and green, while its dimensions span a distinguished 154 x 75 mm.

The obverse side of the note takes a celebratory stance, showcasing the 30th anniversary emblem to mark this significant juncture. At its core lies an image of a violin, paying homage to the philosopher, poet, writer, pedagogue, and musician Hryhorii Skovoroda. His legacy is celebrated on the note, reflecting Ukraine’s commitment to its cultural luminaries. An open book graced with a golden-to-green SPARK carries a quill, symbolizing the profound influence of literature and the power of ideas.

The reverse side presents an intriguing symbol: an equilateral triangle with an all-seeing eye at its center. This motif, shrouded in symbolism, resonates with concepts of knowledge, enlightenment, and the pursuit of wisdom. Adjacent to this, the imposing Mohyla Academy building in Kiev stands as a testament to Ukraine’s commitment to education and progress.

Security features are integrated with precision. A motion windowed security thread bearing the demetalized 500 adds a dynamic layer of authenticity. Additionally, a solid security thread with the demetalized 500 ГРН (the currency code in Ukrainian) and the trident enhances security measures, ensuring the note’s integrity and safeguarding against counterfeiting attempts.

Produced with meticulous craftsmanship by the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of the National Bank of Ukraine (BPMWU), this note embodies the nation’s dedication to quality and innovation. Its watermark features the likeness of Hryhorii Skovoroda, harmonizing with the electrotype 500 to underscore its legitimacy.

Dated 2021 and adorned with the serial number range ЯА 0.000.001 – 0.030.000, this note is a distinctive piece of currency. It entered circulation on the 20th of August, 2021, serving as a pivotal marker in Ukraine’s economic journey. With a limited quantity of 30,000 pieces, it carries an air of exclusivity.

The signature of Kyrylo Yevhenovych Shevchenko adds a personal touch of authenticity to the note. Overall, this banknote stands as a visual testament, weaving together Ukraine’s intellectual treasures, cultural heritage, and commitment to progress in a single, symbolic design.

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