Ukraine new 500 hryvnia banknote

“300th Anniversary of Birth of Skovoroda” Commemorative Issue


The National Bank of Ukraine has recently introduced a new banknote, valued at 500 hryven (US$17.68; €15.20), in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Hryhorii Skovoroda. The note features a beige, brown, and green color scheme, with dimensions of 154 x 75 mm.

The front of the note showcases the 300th anniversary logo in OVI, along with an image of Skovoroda playing the violin. A golden-to-green SPARK adorns the open book with a quill. On the back, an equilateral triangle with an eye at its center can be seen, as well as the Mohyla Academy building in Kiev.

To ensure security, the note is equipped with a motion windowed security thread and a solid security thread, both of which feature the demetalized 500 ГРН and trident. The printer responsible for this beautiful banknote is the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of the National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine) – BPMWU.

A watermark of Skovoroda and an electrotype 500 is also included, along with the signature of Kyrylo Yevhenovych Shevchenko. The banknote was dated in 2021 and introduced on 29.12.2022, and is sure to be a prized possession among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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