United Arab Emirates 50 dirhams banknote

“50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the UAE”

The 50 Dirhams banknote P-35; B-253, holding a value of US$13.61 or €11.70, is a testament to history and value. With dimensions of 151 x 64 mm and adorned in a regal purple hue, it embodies both financial worth and a tribute to the Emirates’ heritage.

The front of the banknote bears the Memorial to the martyrs of the Emirates, a somber homage to those who sacrificed. The image of the seven founding fathers with the flag, after signing the union document, encapsulates a significant moment in history. Turning the note, the back presents a poignant portrayal of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan signing the union document, a symbol of unity. The Etihad (Union) Museum in Dubai adds depth to the design.

Security features on this note are meticulously integrated, with the polymer Safeguard substrate enhancing durability. The banknote is crafted by Oumolat Security Printing, reflecting precision in security printing. The date “1443/2021” marks its creation, and its introduction on December 7, 2021, signals its integration into the currency landscape.

In this 50 Dirhams banknote, history, culture, and value converge. It serves as a tangible tribute to the Emirates’ journey, encapsulating unity, sacrifice, and progress within its regal design.

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