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New banknotes with the portrait of King Charles III.

The Bank of England has revealed the design of the upcoming King Charles III banknotes, which are scheduled to be put into circulation in 2024. These banknotes will co-exist with the current polymer banknotes that feature a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and will remain valid as legal tender.

The design of the King Charles III banknotes is based on the current polymer series, which was a collaborative effort between the Bank of England and De La Rue. The King’s image will feature prominently on the front of the banknotes, as well as in the transparent security window.

The new design is a continuation of the current series, and De La Rue will continue to produce sterling banknotes on behalf of the Bank of England. The banknotes will continue to be printed on the SAFEGUARD® polymer substrate, and both old and new notes will be in circulation at the same time.

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