Uzbekistan 2,000-som introduced on 14.06.2021

The 2,000 Sum banknote P-87; B-217, with a value of US$0.19 or €0.17, is a compact testament to both history and value. Measuring 142 x 69 mm and adorned in a vibrant red hue, it stands as both a symbol of financial worth and a tribute to Uzbekistan’s cultural heritage.

The front of the banknote features the majestic Citadel of Buxoro, a historical gem that speaks of the nation’s rich past. The map of Uzbekistan and its coat of arms further emphasize the country’s identity. Flipping the note, the back presents the Poykend archaeological site, connecting the present to a rich historical lineage.

Security is a priority, as indicated by the 1.5-mm wide solid security thread, bearing the demetalized letters “UZB.” This feature is a testament to modern security measures, enhancing both aesthetics and authenticity.

Crafted by Uzbekistan itself, this banknote is a testament to the nation’s commitment to quality. The watermark, portraying a camel alongside the electrotype number 2000, adds an additional layer of authenticity.

Dated as 2021 and introduced on June 14, 2021, this banknote’s creation marks a moment in Uzbekistan’s history.

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