Paper Money Book

The 200,000 Uzbekistani som (US$19.42; €16.69) banknote, P-93; B-223 is predominantly green and blue and measures 152 x 69 mm.

The front of the banknote features a registration device and an image of the Palace of Xudayar Khan, known as Xudoyorxon O’rdasi in Uzbekistan, in the city of Qo’qon/Kokand. The coat of arms is also displayed on the front.

On the back of the banknote, there is an image of the Axsikent/Akhsikent archaeological site, specifically a pottery piece. A pomegranate is included as a SPARK Live element, and there is an image of a double-headed snake and a ceramic bowl. The registration device is also present on the back.

The banknote includes a 4-mm wide green RollingStar i+ Wave green-to-gold windowed security thread with the demetalized letters UZB. It was printed by Giesecke & Devrient (Germany) – G&D. The watermark features a camel and an electrotype of the number 200000. The banknote was introduced on July 15, 2022.

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