Zimbabwe new 100 dollars banknote

This denomination of 100 dollars (equivalent to US$0.31 or €0.27), P-106 and B-197. It boasts a color palette of rich brown and vibrant yellow, and its dimensions are a stately 155 x 66 mm.

The design evokes a sense of wonder, with the obverse showcasing the remarkable Chiremba balancing rock formation. This geological marvel takes pride of place, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s creations and celebrating Zimbabwe’s unique landscapes. The rock’s intricate details are captured with precision, inviting the viewer to appreciate the artistry of the natural world.

The reverse of the banknote is equally captivating, presenting a baobab tree set against the backdrop of the Great Zimbabwe ruins. This combination symbolizes the country’s history and legacy, echoing the grandeur of the past. The Great Zimbabwe ruins, a testament to the nation’s ancient civilization, stand as a reminder of the enduring spirit of Zimbabwe.

Enhancing the note’s security features is the dynamic Kinetic StarChrome red-to-green windowed security thread, adorned with the demetalized RBZ 100 motif. This feature not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also acts as a safeguard against counterfeiting, ensuring the currency’s integrity. Crafted with care by De La Rue in London, England (DLR), this note is the result of expert craftsmanship, marrying design with security seamlessly.

A watermark, gracing the banknote, features the Zimbabwe bird alongside the RBZ logo electrotype. These elements serve as both visual identifiers and hallmarks of authenticity, further reinforcing the note’s value.

The banknote bears the date of 2020, marked by the distinctive prefix “AA.” It made its debut in circulation in April 2022, signifying a significant step in Zimbabwe’s economic landscape. The signature of John Panonetsa Mangudya, the Governor, lends a personal touch and authentication to the note, highlighting its official status.

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