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Botswana new 10-pula polymer banknote

Boswana 10 pula banknote
Boswana 10 pula banknote

The 10 Pula banknote P-36; B-130, valued at US$0.86 or €0.74, features distinctive characteristics that make it noteworthy. Designed with precision, this currency note boasts a vibrant green hue and measures 132 x 66 mm. Crafted from Safeguard™ polymer, it ensures durability and longevity.

The obverse side of the note showcases an impressive portrait of President Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi. Accompanying this prominent figure is the graceful image of a gemsbok antelope. The national coat of arms takes center stage, flanked by zebras and a protective shield.

Turning the note reveals a captivating depiction of the National Assembly building in Gaborone. As a security measure, a solid thread with the inscription “TEN PULA” enhances its integrity. A watermark in the form of a clear window adds an extra layer of authentication.

The note was introduced in circulation on February 22, 2021, with a print range from serial number AF0000001 to AF0200000. Its production involved two distinguished printers: De La Rue in London, England, and Oberthur Fiduciaire AD in Sofia, Bulgaria. These meticulous printing processes ensure the intricate details and security features of the note are faithfully reproduced, underscoring its value as both a medium of exchange and a work of art.

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Libya 5-dinar introduced on 15.02.2021

The 5 Dinars (US$3.65 or €3.14) banknote, P-86; B-551, holds a captivating blend of history and artistry. With the distinct dimensions of 134 x 71 mm, this note boasts a rich gray hue, exuding a sense of gravitas and timelessness. Crafted from the innovative SAFEGUARD® polymer, it stands as a testament to modern security measures.

Gaze upon the front, where an Ottoman clock tower takes center stage. Its intricate details and stately presence evoke echoes of a bygone era, capturing the essence of cultural heritage. Turn the note, and the back reveals the resplendent Temple of Zeus, nestled in the heart of Cyrene. The architectural marvel’s grandeur is magnificently rendered, a nod to human ingenuity and architectural brilliance.

Observe the security thread, a solid feature adorned with the demetalized numeral 5, a subtle yet crucial hallmark of authenticity. Designed to thwart counterfeit attempts, it stands as a guardian of the note’s integrity. The esteemed printer, De La Rue of London, England, renowned for their precision, has lent their expertise to this masterpiece – a true fusion of art and security.

Unlike the conventional, this note bears no watermark, further exemplifying the innovative strides in anti-counterfeiting technology. The absence of such a feature is a testament to the intricacy and sophistication of the SAFEGUARD® polymer itself.

While undated, the note’s introduction on February 15, 2021, marked a significant moment, ushering this masterpiece into the world’s financial tapestry. The signature of Al-Seddiq Omar al-Kabir, the Governor, graces the note, underscoring its authenticity and official status.

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South Sudan new 1,000 pounds banknote

The 1000 Sudanese Pounds banknote (P-17; B-116) has a value of US$7.68 or €6.60 and features a red color with dimensions of 150 x 75 mm. The front side of the banknote depicts Dr. John Garang de Mabior, while the back side showcases ostriches.

The banknote has several security features, including a color-changing holographic security strip and a windowed security thread. The printer of the banknote is De La Rue from London, England (DLR). The watermark of the banknote includes John Garang, electrotype 1000, and Cornerstones.

The banknote was introduced in 2020 with a BA prefix, and it was first released on 9th February 2021. The banknote is signed by Jamal Wani Abdalla and Salvatore Garang.

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Angola new 5,000 kwanzas

The 5000 Kwanzas banknote (equivalent to US$8.03 or €6.90), P-164 and B-561, bears the distinct color of purple and boasts dimensions of 140 x 75 mm.

The obverse side of the banknote features the prominent figure of António Agostinho Neto. Notably, microtext from the national anthem is intricately incorporated into the design, a testament to the deep cultural roots of the nation.

Turning the note over, one can gaze upon the captivating depiction of the old Kulumbimbi cathedral, also known as Catedral de São Salvador de Congo (Mbanza Kongo). The ruins of this historical structure stand as a poignant reminder of the rich heritage that shapes the identity of the region.

A security thread, emblazoned with the image of the Bakama mask alongside the denomination “5000,” ensures the banknote’s integrity. The printer responsible for producing this note remains undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to its origins. Adding to its intricate design, a watermark graces the banknote, portraying “The Thinker,” a symbolic representation of contemplation and intellect.

The banknote’s issuance date is April of 2020, while its prefix is designated as “A.” The introduction of this banknote into circulation occurred on February 4th, 2021. Completing the ensemble, the signature of José de Lima Massano stands as a mark of authority, affirming the banknote’s authenticity and significance within the realm of monetary exchange.

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