Argentina new 10000 pesos banknote

The 10,000 Pesos note, valued at approximately US$131.95 and €113.44, P-372 and B-430. This banknote is primarily blue-grey in color and measures 155 x 65 mm.

On the front, the note features the denomination as a registration device, accompanied by a floral motif. Prominently displayed are the portraits of María Remedios del Valle and Manuel Belgrano, two key figures in Argentine history. Additionally, a sunburst in optically variable ink (OVI) enhances the security and aesthetic appeal of the note.

The back of the note showcases the Coat of Arms of Argentina. It also depicts a historical scene of soldiers on horseback pledging allegiance to the flag on February 27, 1812. The denomination is again presented as a registration device, ensuring consistency in design and security features.

This banknote includes a windowed security thread, adding a layer of protection against counterfeiting. It is printed by the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation.

The watermark features the images of María Remedios del Valle and Manuel Belgrano, along with the electrotype initials MV and MB, providing an additional security measure.

The banknote is not dated, the series A was introduced on May 7, 2024. It bears the signatures of Santiago Bausili and Victoria Villarruel, which authenticate the note’s official issuance.

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