Zimbabwe new currency 10 ZIG

The new note of Zimbabwe 10 Zig, P-110; B-201 features a vibrant color scheme of blue and red, with dimensions measuring 155 x 65 mm.

On the front of the banknote, there is an intricate depiction of the Zimbabwe bird perched on a star, serving as a registration device. Additionally, the Chiremba balancing rocks in Epworth are prominently featured, alongside a QR Code.

The back of the banknote showcases a dynamic image of molten gold being poured from a crucible into an ingot mold, which is placed atop a stack of gold bars. The Zimbabwe bird on a star reappears as a registration device.

For added security, the banknote includes a green-to-blue windowed security thread with demetalized RBZZIG. The watermark on the note also features the Zimbabwe bird.

Printed in 2024, the banknote has the prefix “AA” and was introduced on April 30, 2024. The signature of John Mushayavanhu, the Governor, is present on the note. However, the identity of the printer remains unknown.

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